Celtic Chess Set Made in Ireland - Fidchell

Celtic Chess Set Made in Ireland - Fidchell

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Introducing the Celtic Chess Set, inspired by the ancient Irish game of ‘Fidchell’ created by Lugh the Ildána, Celtic God of Arts and Crafts.

The board design features the four corner squares representing the provinces of Ireland, while the central square symbolizes the fifth province – Meath, the seat of the High King on the Hill of Tara.

In this strategic game, the High King, accompanied by eight defenders, faces off against twelve attackers. The challenge is for the High King to navigate to one of the four provinces without being captured. Despite having fewer defenders (8) than attackers (12), victory for the King is attainable through skill and wit.

Included are game rules for guidance. The board dimensions are 29 cm x 22 cm, with squares measuring 2.5 cm. The King stands at 4 cm, while the individual pieces are 3 cm. The set is made from reconstituted Limestone.

It is an absolute pleasure to sell such a beautiful set that is made here in Ireland. It is a really popular gift in our shop and is perfect for a host of occasions. Even non-chess players purchase it for its artistic value.

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