Irish Claddagh Jewellery

Irish Claddagh Jewellery
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Celtic Cross Pendant Necklace - Sterling Silver Green Stone

Celtic Crosses are one of the famous symbols of Ireland. The Circle on the Cross represents the..


Irish Gold Cufflinks - Claddagh - Irish Made

Gold Claddagh Cufflinks from Fado Jewellers. The Claddagh is one of Ireland's best known symbols, th..


Irish Gold Tie Tack - Modern Claddagh - Irish Made

A Gold Claddagh Tie Tack in our collection of Irish Jewellery for men. It is stylish and trad..


Irish Pocket Watch - Claddagh - Mullingar Pewter

An Irish Pocket Watch with Claddagh Symbol by Mullingar Pewter from Ireland, it has a polished ..


Irish Silver Claddagh Ring - Erne - Sterling SIlver

The Irish SIlver Claddagh Ring has been associated with Galway since the late 1600's. The&nb..


Irish Silver Cufflinks - Modern Claddagh - Irish Made

Fabulous Irish Silver Cufflinks made in Ireland by Fado Jewelry, beautiful precision and attention..


Irish Silver Tie Tack - Modern Claddagh - Irish Made

A beautiful Irish contemporary piece of Jewellery for men. It is stylish and traditional..


Silver Claddagh Cufflinks - Irish Made - Fado Jewelry

Fabulous Silver Claddagh Cufflinks made in Co Wicklow by Fado Jewellers, a beautiful&nbs..


Sterling Silver Claddagh Charm for Pandora style Bracelet

A Claddagh Charm made from sterling silver. It has a hole in the centre making it suitable to ..


Irish Silver Claddagh Ring - Mask - Sterling Silver

A stunning Irish Silver Claddagh Ring from one of Irelands top designers and manufacturers. ..


Irish Silver Claddagh Ring - Shannon - Fado Jewelry

A great Irish Silver Claddagh Ring made by one of our major designers and manufacturers. ..


Corrib Claddagh Narrow Band Wedding Ring - Sterling Silver

Corrib Claddagh Ring made in the shape of a band. The sentiment of Love Loyalty and Friendship is a ..


Irish Claddagh Earrings - Green and Red Enamel

Irish Claddagh Earrings that celebrate the sentiments of Love, Loyalty and Friendship. This is a bea..


Corrib Claddagh Wide Band Wedding Ring - Sterling Silver

Galway Corrib Claddagh Ring made in the shape of a band. The sentiment of Love Loyalty and Friendshi..


Irish Gold Large Claddagh Pendant

A beautiful Gold Claddagh Pendant made in solid 10 Karat Gold. It is matched with an 18 inch Gold Ch..


Irish Silver Claddagh Pendant - Large Size

Beautiful Irish Silver Claddagh Pendant made from Sterling Silver. It measures 15mm x 15mm and comes..


The Gold Claddagh Ring and Silver Claddagh Rings are great symbols of Ireland. We also have Claddagh Pendants, Claddagh Earrings and Claddagh Bracelets. The symbol represents love, loyalty and friendship.