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Tweed flat caps have really made a comeback in recent years and for good reason, they’re a classic design. I’ve found in recent times that fashion trends have gone back to the traditional because there’s a reason they became classics in the first place. They work. However, there’s no denying that celebrity admirers like Brad Pitt and George Clooney donning tweed flat caps has helped a bit. For some reason, I don’t get as much attention when I wear mine!

The classic tweed cap is flat and has a small peak over the face. These flat caps offer both fashion and function. Flat caps are ideal for keeping you warm and dry during the winter months and keeping the sun (or warm rain) off your face during the summer.


The traditional Irish flat cap is made from sheep’s wool. Most of the tweed originates in the beautiful wilds of Donegal in the North of Ireland. Traditionally the wool is hand-dyed in a variety of colours.  Some of the most popular flat cap designs include patchwork with brightly coloured contrasting patches or solid colour caps with flecks of colour interspersed throughout.

Tweed caps are traditionally worn by farmers and outdoorsman in rural parts of Ireland. We have had farmers from Connemara and the Aran Islands come into our shop in Galway when they need a new cap because they know we carry brands they trust. But the hats have also found a place in the hearts of city-dwellers who appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making them.


The urban cap wearers have taken to our Dubliner and Irelander models – these have a more pronounced peak and are very “now”.

Donegal Tweed is a very hand crafted product, every cap will be unique and have its own character. They make a lovely addition to a personal collection or a thoughtful gift for someone