Irish Pocket Watches

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Pocket Watches


Pocket watches are one of the most popular items in our Galway store. They are a much-appreciated gift and tend to be kept for a long time.


The tradition of carrying a pocket watch goes back further than you might think. There are references to “Pocket Clocks” as far back as the mid-1400s.


The pocket watch has always been a status symbol – the possessor was regarded as a person of substance – the classic picture I have is of a portly elderly gentleman dressed in a suit with a watch chain crossing his belly. Consulting the watch would be a leisurely ceremony and not to be rushed.


The watches have been made from various materials. The finest ones are made from Gold and inset with jewels. There are some magnificent watches made from Silver, these are long lasting pieces whose timekeeping accuracy is a major tribute to the skills of the makers of olden times.


In our store, we sell Pocket Watches made from Stainless Steel – this is a highly-polished metal that is very durable and brings the pocket watch into a more affordable price bracket.


Many of the watches are made by Mullingar Pewter who are based in the Midlands of Ireland. Each watch features a badge made from Pewter – the themes of the badges include Claddagh, Map of Ireland, Shamrock, Celtic Knots and many more.


The watches can be battery powered or mechanical wind-up – there is something hypnotic about watching the inner movements.


The watches are extremely popular with Wedding Grooms who want to present the Best Man and Groomsmen with a token of thanks for their assistance on the Wedding Day. Most of the watches can be engraved and are a fitting memento of a special day. The Claddagh Symbol is particularly meaningful as it represents Love, Loyalty and Friendship.


It is really special for us that people still appreciate this old-fashioned style of watch and it is a fantastic tribute to the inventors of so many years ago, that it is still going strong!